About Me

On the personal level, I'm a retired guy with four children and three grandchildren. I live in Pouslbo, a small town across Puget Sound from Seattle. Aside from family, my interests include Travel, Walking, Reading, Photography and Genealogy. I love languages, speak French and Italian fairly well and dabble in a few others. When I was younger, I did a lot of sailing and skiing as well but I'm not so physically active these days.

Professionally, I've been developing software in one role or another since 1974. I started as an employee and later became an independent consultant, trainer and coach. I've worked around the US and in Europe and am now pretty much retired.

Beginning around 2001, I got involved in the Agile development movement, primarily Extreme Programming. I was active in the international XP conferences and had the privilege of learning from some of the true experts and innovators in the field.

I have been very active in Open Source, particularly with the NUnit Project, the longest-lived project of it's type in the .NET world. These days, my focus is primarily on TestCentric, which I intend as the next step beyond NUnit.

If you like, you can read my informal bio or take a look at my resume.

About This Site

This new version of the CharliePoole.org site is pulling together posts, articles and other pages, which were originally scattered in various locations, including my older CharliePoole.org and Charliepoole.com sites and several blogs. It's a work in progress and I'll be adding "new" old stuff as well as actual new material over time.

Technically, the site is statically generated using Statiq.Web along with some custom additions. The principal change that's visible to users is the use of "Topics" in addition for posts. Topics are mutually exclusive and I intend them to make the site easier to use for folks who may visit for different reasons. Currently, there are only three Topics: Technical Posts, Family Photos and Family History but I plan to expand this in the future.

To track changes in the site, you may view the status page.