Site Status

What's Here

This new version of the site is pulling together posts, articles and other pages, which were originally scattered in various locations. It's a work in progress and this page will continue to list what's done and what remains to do until the migration is complete.

What's Done

  • Implemented the new site using Statiq. It is statically generated and most material is in the form of blog posts.

  • Implemented "Topics" for the site. Every blog post belongs to a single topic and posts for each topic are saved in a separate directory. The URLs also incorporate the topic. Currently, there are three topics: Technical Posts, Family Photos and Family History. Tags are also used and generally apply within a single topic, although that is not a restriction.

  • Moved most posts in my It's the Tests blog on to this site under the Technical Posts topic. Posts about NUnit V2 were re-tagged NUnit V2 while general NUnit posts and those about NUnit 3 keep the NUnit tag. I dropped simple announcements, without other content and a few that contain content, which is now incorrect or misleading. The old blog now contains only a notice about this move.

  • Added a Site Status page (this one).

  • Automated rebuild and deployment of the site.

  • Added background images to the home page and each main topic page.


  • Port technical articles and remove them from Current Status: Completed 1 out of 13 articles.

To Do


  • Add a contact page

  • Update the About page, shortening it and linking it to my bio and resume as separate pages.

  • Add social media links.

  • Decide whether to support comments on blog posts and how.

  • Possibly, expand topics to allow nesting. For example, a Family Topic might include both Family History and Family Photos.

Technical Content

  • Move important past events as post-dated blog posts.

  • Create downloads of some of my presentations.

  • Add pagination to the Technical Posts topic, which contains a large number of posts. The two Family topics will eventually need this as well.

  • Remove the old .com site and point the URL to the new site.

Family Content

  • Add additional Family content.

Travel Posts

  • Add a Travel topic and add content.